Will Pennebaker
Working Cow Horses Wilton, CA

VISIT - now trains in Wilton, CA

Pennebaker Performance Horses recently relocated to Will and Laura's own ranch purchased in Wilton, California. Will continues to train in his fully functional operation in Wilton California and constantly works to build and improve facilities at their new place. Check back later to see pictures of new facilities.
Pennebaker Cow Horses Facilities


The luxury of having a sizeable all-weather outdoor arena means no downtime for training. The horses stay fitter, get more consistent training, and are worked in ideal conditions all year round. Arenas are groomed daily to maintain optimal footing.

Check back soon for images of our new facility!

Round Pen and Arena, Clements, CA
Cow Horse Training, Clements Ca
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Cow Horse Training Arena, Clements, CA
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