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Training Style
The Pennebaker Performance Horses training program emphasizes giving horses a strong foundation that applies to a variety of disciplines. Will believes that a happy, confident and willing horse is the key to a successful career for any horse, whether it is in the show arena or at home.  Will credits the teachings of Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt as cornerstones to his horse training philosophy.  Whether it’s starting a two year old or maintaining a seasoned show horse, Will stresses the importance of recognizing the slightest try and rewarding that try to maintain a sound mind and body in his horses.

Training Program
At Pennebaker Performance Horses we specialize in giving two year olds a solid start and strong foundation upon which to build a successful career in reining, cutting, cowhorse or in any discipline. Will starts and rides many of his two year olds in a halter for the first month of training. He believes it is important to spend the first month getting a colt used to, and confident being ridden with no emphasis on specific maneuvers.If they can get confident walking, trotting and loping in the first month of riding more specific and complicated maneuvers will naturally follow.

Working Cow Horse Training, Colt Starting, CA
Starting Colts, Cow Horse Training CA

During the second month of training...

Colt Starting on Cattle

Will introduces them to a snaffle bit in which they are usually ridden in the rest of their two year old year and longer. Once in the snaffle Will works on getting his colts to lope collected, stop (smoothly but not sliding), turning and rolling back on the fence and being willing and confident doing so. After they can do this, usually in their third or fourth month of riding he will introduce them to working a cow. With the ability to ride in open rolling hills Will also tries to get the horses outside the arena so that they can have some easy days of training and also get confident walking on trails, up and down hills, crossing creeks etc. Will believes that a truly broke horse isn’t just one that you can spin and slide on but one that you can do anything on, whether it may be gathering cattle, trail riding with your friends or showing in the arena.


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